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Face To Face Event Management is committed to keeping you connected to your customers by supporting your move to live broadcasts and the creation of on demand content.


In a virtual environment, it can feel like your event's success relies solely on the technology you use to produce it. This priority shift can lead you to look for ways to alleviate technical challenges and ensure a reliable experience. Whether your presenter is remote or live on stage, delivering a stream lined and technically well-executed message has always remained our top priority.

Virtual Team Meeting

Engaging with a trusted partner, our experienced team will work closely with you to develop digital platforms, engaging content and deliver seamless tailor-made online events giving you a polished, high-quality product and peace of mind.

While allowing your business to connect on a global scale, we bring the world to you.


Chime Live can help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event. At home, at work or at the venue, Chime Live connects everyone via live stream, enabling you to carry on with keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned.


Chime Live combines high quality video streaming in an award-winning Chime attendee platform to deliver engaging, transformative and insightful meetings. The interactive features help overcome distractions and keep engagement levels high. Post-event, you can share recorded sessions for participants who missed or want to replay a session. Also, enjoy access to Chime Live’s analytics to help you evaluate, improve and report on valuable results.


Webcasting is the cost-effective way to deliver high-quality virtual events with a one-way stream of content to anyone that has the link to watch online. Webcasting allows you to present your message to a wide audience and can be recorded and hosted anywhere for future viewing. Our team of experts will be right by your side to produce your webcast and provide assistance throughout the process.


Content1 delivers a vibrant web presence to virtual attendees, provides speakers with a platform to share their content, offers presenters the ability to record audio tracks for both presentations and posters that helps bring their content to life. The Content1 platform makes it easy to organise and deliver your event’s content whether it is live or on-demand. With its intuitive design and easy navigation, Content1 allows you to deliver live or on-demand presentations with ease. In addition to on-demand, content can be released on a schedule to closely simulate a face-to-face event.


Managed webinar services are ideal for speakers presenting to any sized group of attendees. Our team of experts will walk you through the setup and management of your webinar. You will have full support alongside you while you present to ensure that your event is a success. Your presenters can share presentations and videos with others at the push of a button. If an attendee is unable to view the presentation on a computer or mobile device, a dial-in number can be provided.



▪ Present keynotes, tracks & breakouts

▪ Allow participants to view presentation and take notes

▪ Give the audience an opportunity to ask questions and up-vote their favourite ones

▪ Polling, word clouds, and heatmaps

▪ Capture feedback

▪ Build in opportunities to network with chat and social media


▪ Compatible with any platform

▪ Access engagement & ROI analytics

▪ Deliver sessions live or on-demand

▪ Presenter support team



▪ Deliver live and pre-recorded presentations simultaneously

▪ Upload content from any location

▪ Handouts, disclosure Forms, and questionnaires

▪ Record and present virtual ePosters

▪ Send invitation emails and reminders

▪ Allows 3rd party integration

▪ Secure login


▪ Accessible from any location and device with internet access

▪ Automated presentation conversion to web-ready format

▪ Deliver concurrent sessions, live or on-demand

▪ Presenter support team



▪ Custom branding

▪ Unlimited sized audiences

▪ Hosting available

▪ On-demand viewing

▪ Password protection and lobby available

▪ Virtual producer and virtual stage manager support available


▪ Polished production

▪ Pre-event testing

▪ Attendee engagement

▪ Connect remote speakers to audience

▪ Secure



▪ Stream and record your webinar

▪ Post event production available

▪ Password protection and lobby available


▪ Accessible from any location or device with internet access

▪ Faster turnaround

▪ Connect remote speakers to audience

▪ Secure

▪ Muted background noise

▪ Virtual stage manager available

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