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2022 Face to Face Event Management Registration, Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Purpose

To clarify Face to Face Event Management (F2F) policy in respect of event registration, cancellation and refunds (as applicable).

2. Scope

This policy covers the 2022 -2023 Conferences and Events held by Face to Face Event Management for their respective clientele.

3. Definitions

Registration Fee: The fee payable to entitle the delegate to attend the Event.


4. Policy Statement

4.1 F2F reserves the right to alter any of the arrangements for the Event as published, either before or during the Event and to cancel or terminate the Event, or to refuse a registration for the Event.

4.2 F2F does not accept responsibility for any costs, charges or fines incurred by delegates in the process of attending the Event. 4.3 Only individuals who are registered as a paid, in person delegate and who wear a name badge may attend the Event.

4.4 Prices for the Event are as advertised. No further discounts are available.

4.5 Payment of Registration Fee a) The Registration Fee is payable prior to the commencement of the Event. If payment has not been received, attendance will not be permitted. b) Where an Early Bird discount is advertised, payments claiming the subject discount must be received no later than close of business on the closing date advertised. If Early Bird fees have not been received by F2F by that date, then full rates will apply. c) Registrations where the Registration Fee is paid by EFT or credit card will not be processed until payment has been received. If payment is received after published closing dates additional fees may apply. d) LA reserves the right to refuse attendance to individuals who have not paid their Registration Fee in full.

4.6 Transferring Registrations a) Registrations can be transferred provided that any additional charges (if applicable) are paid at the time of transfer and that F2F is notified in writing prior to the commencement of the Event. b) Pre-event substitutions are permitted only with the prior agreement of LA. Requests for substitution must be made in writing to  c) Substitutions made on the day of the Event require written permission from the original delegate and prior payment must be made for any additional charges incurred. d) Delegates are not allowed to share a registration – one registration per delegate. F2F reserves the right to advertise a shared registration in conjunction with a specific event. Only when advertised does it apply.

4.7 Other Matters a) Completed Registrations along with payment of the Registration Fee must be received by close of business one (1) week prior to the Event. b) There is no insurance component attached to either the Registration or the payment of the Registration Fee. It is strongly recommended that at the time of Registration for the Event and booking your travel that you consider taking out an insurance policy relevant to your circumstances in respect of your travel to and attendance at the Event. c) All travel, accommodation and transfers must be booked and paid by the delegate. 2 d) The delegate’s contact details (name, organisation, title, business email, business postal address) may only be provided to sponsors and exhibitors if indicated on the Registration Form.

4.8 Voluntary Cancellation Policy Cancellation of a registration must be advised via email to

4.9 Cancellation of In person Conference Should the in person conference be cancelled due to NSW Government Health Orders / and all other Australian State Government Health Orders. Covid -19 Restrictions, all registration fees paid will be refunded in full within 30 days of the scheduled event.

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