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Event Tech Trends

Technological advances are embraced by the events industry faster than most. Below is a quick summary of the latest tech trends improving the efficiency of an event delivery without taking away the most important element of all, Face to Face interaction between human beings.

Face to Face

There isn't an IT device or tool that will ever replace the human requirement and desire to interact Face to Face. The human desire to connect and communicate effectively will always supersede a computer-enhanced interaction. So confident are we with this predication that we continue to trade as Face To Face Event Management to remind everyone of the human requirement to interact.

Beacon Technology

This was introduced by Apple in 2013. Small wireless transmitters that use low energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other devices nearby. From humble beginnings, it is predicted that the Beacon Technology market scope will surpass $25 Billion by 2024. This is a great example of how fast new technology can be embraced and grow exponentially.

Event Apps

Clients can invest any amount in a working app depending on the operational requirement. Apps need to be easy to download, use and be interactive. Research shows a 27% increase in delegate interaction when successful Apps are used effectively. A powerful communication tool that is able to be used in a multitude of ways. Large hotel chains are currently testing Apps which may well replace the detailed interaction between Event Managers and Hotel Events personnel. Hyatt and Marriot are leading the way here.

Large Group Interactions

When large groups gather on a corporate level, people’s behaviour can change significantly. Some interact with ease while others struggle. The use of social media platforms can play an important role here. Live to screen feeds offer more reserved delegates the opportunity to make a public statement without a microphone and a spotlight. Keyboard warriors are easier to find than those who are comfortable with public speaking.

Artificial Intelligence

Many homes and now offices carry the additional personnel such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. Research it telling us that by 2022, 50% of all online searches will become voice activated. AI devices are now starting to play a role in event delivery by becoming virtual hosts and tour guides with exceptional local knowledge. The ways AI can communicate is one of the fastest moving and advancing technologies on the planet.

Useful Event related Data – Live and Post Event

In today’s event space we are seeing Apps that can provide live polling. Webinars are becoming a far more common place for those attendees who cannot attend. While the majority of data is used for accounting purposes post event, one of the trends starting to emerge is the increased personalisation of marketing and event experiences for attendees. Watch this space.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Once again nothing can replace the emotive human interaction from being involved in engineering a unique guest experience. This can occur in the field, within a convention centre or at a hotel who are the masters of the guest experience per say.

Electronic Translation

We now have available Apps which can translate from one language to another using your speaker on any smartphone. This is very useful when travelling to non-English speaking destinations. As the technological advances continue, so do new definitions such as ‘Phygital.’ This new term would be best described as a meeting of the future which will be a combination of a physical and a digital program.


Digital platforms have emerged faster than the security that protects them. In most cases, event management companies have all had to invest in increased precautionary layers to ensure data is both protected and safe. One can never have enough protection in this fast moving and ever evolving space.

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