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300 pax | Hawaii

Here we used the unique Pink Palace to host all of the company’s Top Achievers. The week long itinerary was based at Waikiki featuring select activities, unique offsite activities for the entire group followed by a large scaled Gala Event. The Gala involved entire sole use of the lawn in front of the Pink Palace. We invited 10 of Waikiki’s top 5 star restaurants to operate pop up restaurants offering an amazing array of authentic island cuisine. On this occasion we carried and fitted out 120 people in authentic 1950s Army, Navy and Airforce uniforms adding a great touch for the 1950s inspired theme.


Precisely at the time the event was nearing its conclusion, we encountered rain, but luckily had a surprise second event located beside the lawn where we themed a 1950's night club, so the entire audience moved from the lawn to the ballroom and the event ran well into the evening. This was an outstanding showcase of all things Hawaii and was extremely well received by the audience.

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